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022K - Halt the Fall Prevention and Intervention Strategies
034K - A Primer on Utilizing Low Income Housing Tax Credits
154K - Digital Recruitment Strategies-Staying Relevant in a Competitive Market
153K - Creating Effective Teams
136K - A Study in Population Health: Integrated Care Model
135K - Innovation in Senior Living: How Technology is Shaping the Future of the Industry
059K - Transforming the Expressive Arts: Wellness, Team-Building, Marketing and Fundraising
070K - Increase ROI on Your Digital Marketing Investment
118K - Social Media in the Nursing Home? A Legal Perspective
083K - Person-Centered Cognitive-Communication Interventions Across Dementia Syndromes
099K - Key Trends, Innovation, and Technology Impacting Senior Living in Food and Facilities Management
045K - IDPH Home Care Licensure Program Update
020J - Reducing ER Visits Through Partnership
019J - COPD Update: Decreasing Cost, Morbidity, and Mortality with Appropriate Medication Therapy
021K - Overview of Behavioral Health Services
032J - Manage Your Revenue Cycle To Ensure A Healthy Bottom Line
033J - Audit your Facility Like a CPA
150J - The Millennial in the Backseat
151J - Successful Interdisciplinary Recruitment and Retention Strategies
134J - M&A Market Update and Divestiture Strategies for Non-Profit Organizations
133J - Top Ten Things to Consider in an Affiliation or Merger
058J - Creating Community, Connecting Lives: The Integration of Technology and Senior Living
069J - Building Sales Intelligence with Purposeful Data
117J - The Value of Family Expectation Management and Communication in Mitigating Liability Risk
082J - Primary Progressive Aphasia: Person-Centered Strategies to Enhance Communication
097J - Steps in Preventing Legionella at your Facility: Are you Ready?
098J - RIGHT NOW: Is your Facility Prepared for an Active Shooter Situation?
044J - How to Increase Revenue, Customer Service and Retention Through Community Based Services
018I - Essentials of Aggression Management
005C - Revitalize Your Restorative Nursing Program for Success!
033I - Medicaid Cost Report and Capital Reports: Improve Your Bottom Line
149I - Unconscious Bias: Beyond Awareness
148I - Executive Hiring in Senior Living: Exploring the Hiring Pool Development
131I - From Tired to Inspired: How a Strategy Journey Revitalized Central Baptist Village
132I - Tales from the Front: Change, Crisis & Opportunity
056I - Why is the Sky Blue? Lighting Design for Circadian Rhythm Friendly Senior Environments
057I - Wellness Culture: How Repositioning Fosters Environments that Thrive
068I - Combining Social Media and Content Marketing to Drive Engagement Online
116I - Politics, Policy & Nursing: Why Being Involved is Important to Your Future
081I - The Importance of a Successful Support Group: Why It's Worth the Effort
095I - Cybersecurity Prevention, Detection, and Response
096I - Reducing Risk by Effectively Managing Critical Events
043I - What Keeps Employers Up at Night? A Wage and Hour Review for the Home Care Provider
015H - Phase 3: The Final Rule Will Be Final
017H - Implementing Best Practices is the Best Medicine for Avoiding Readmissions
016H - Medication Related Falls: Prevention Strategies
032H - Nursing Home Care Act Succeeds in Encouraging Liability Claims: Enough Already?
147H - Addressing Workforce Gaps: Team-Based Palliative Medicine for Patients with Advanced Illness
146G - Addressing Workforce Challenges with a Student Internship Program
130H - Development, Design, and Operations Lessons from Urban Multi-Level Senior Living
055H - Celebrating Diversity: How to Meet the Needs of the Clients, Staff and Community Using Creative Arts
067H - Face Your Fears: The Importance of Monitoring, Managing, and Responding to Your Reputation Online
113H - Legislating Senior Living: National Trends, Impacts and Advocacy
114H - Who is in Charge? Understanding the Law and Requirements of Advanced Directives
080H - Multidisciplinary Insights Gleaned from a 24-Hour Dementia Simulation
094H - Protecting Your Business and Residents Against Cybercrime
093H - Purchasing Strategies and Impacts to Budgets
042H - Technology Trends with Community Based Organizations
013G - Resident Engagement in QAPI and Infection Control: Why, What and How?
014G - Saying Goodbye
012G - The 21st Century Community Re-Imagined with Smart Technologies
030G - Show Me the Money! Tips and Strategies for Managing and Recovering A/R
129G - Community Partnerships to Offer Technology Engagement Programming
128G - State of Senior Living 2019 and Beyond
054G - Assisted Living: How Increasing Resident Needs are Challenging Person-Centered Care
066G - Congratulations! You've Launched a New Website - Now What?
112G - Survive the Survey
115G - National Affordable Housing Update
079G - Enabling Persons with Memory Impairment to Learn New Procedures
092G - Enterprise Risk Management for Senior Living Communities
091G - QAPI Made Easy: Data Analytics to the Rescue!
041G - Establishing Partnerships and Best Practices in Assisted Living
011F - Bringing Infection Surveillance in Long-Term Care Facilities to the Next Level
010F - Creating Clinical Competency as Resident Acuity Increases in Assisted Living
029F - Provider Networks: Driving Outcomes for Managed Care
145F - Improving Staff Retention By Cultivating Satisfaction in the Work Place
127F - A Better Process for Development: Assemble the Right Team at the Right Time
126F - Healthcare Risk: How Do You Evaluate What Level is Right For Your Organization?
053F - Wellness at Any Age and Stage: Balancing Care and Operations
065F - Can You Really Get Inside the Minds of Seniors? 30 Years of Research Says Yes
111F - Moving Through the Continuum: Sticking Points and Nudges at a CCRC
110F - Nursing Home Policy Forum
077F - Keeping Love Alive as Memories Fade: The Five Love Languages and the Alzheimer's Journey
078F - Using Post-Occupancy Evaluations to Improve Settings for Dementia
090F - Bridging the Gap: Developing Brand Standards for Efficiency While Celebrating Localized Design
089F - POCs: Are Yours Really Working? IDRs: Do They Ever Really Work?
040F - Exploring Innovation in Aging - Thriving!
002 - Disrupting Senior Care: Innovators at Work
009E - Innovations in Fall Management Programs
008E - Nursing Professional Development: Taking In-Services to a Whole New Level
027E - The Impact of Data on Upcoming SNF Reimbursement Funding Changes
028E - Managing Healthcare Reimbursement and Regulation Related to MDS, PDPM, QRP, VBP, PBJ
143E - What Every Leader Needs to Know
125E - Preparing for PDPM: Assessing and Enhancing Your Facility's Clinical Capability
052E - Uncommon Commons: Creating Experiences, Engaging Life
051E - Arrive and Revive! Embracing the Hospitality Experience
064E - Selling (No, Not Marketing) Senior Living Services
109E - Above and Beyond Preventing Litigation
108E - LGBTQ Residents and Employees in Long-Term Care: Challenges and Opportunities
107E - Advocacy Town Hall
076E - Environmental Design's Impact on People Living with Dementia
088E - Need it? Plan it. Execute it. A Strategic Approach for a Successful IT Partnership
039E - Successful Models for the Home and Community-Based Services Market
031G - Top Ways You May be Miscoding the MDS
007D - Make Nutrition Your Mission
026D - ICD-10 Again?
141D - Why Won't They Come? Why Won't They Stay? Registered Nurses in Long-Term Care
124D - Wait! Don't Roll That Out
123D - Medicare Advantage ISNPS: Considerations for a Provider-Led Frontier
050D - Investing in Resident Wellness: Designing Cutting-Edge Programs Using the Dimensions of Wellness
063D - Four Actionable Strategies to Improve Marketing Results
105D - Fact or Fiction? Exploring the Legalities of Senior Marketing Beyond Anecdotal Horror Stories
106D - Joint Employers, Misclassification and Other Trending Risks for the Long-Term Care Employer
075D - Mindfulness Training for and by Residents with Dementia
087D - Acronym Anarchy! Impact of MIPS, MACRA, APMs, VBP and PDPM on PALTC
038D - HCBS Policy Forum
157C - Change Has Changed: The Customer Imperative
006C - Advancements in MDS
025C - Tax Reform: Significant Changes for Tax-Exempt Senior Living Organizations
140C - Staffing To Win: Strategies To Recruit And Retain Today's Workforce
122C - Appealing to the Aging Population: Complexities of a High Rise Renovation
049C - Improving Aging in Place With Wellness
062C - Inside (& Outside) the Box Marketing Ideas
103C - Charting: What to Chart and When from a Legal Perspective
104C - Assisted Living Policy Forum
073C - The Role of Nutrition, Prevention, and Management of Dementia
074C - Alzheimer's Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Long-Term Care and Community Based Providers
086C - Eliminate Pain, Improve Experience: Creating a Culture of Innovation Through Customer Journey Mapping
037C - Environmental Strategies for Staying at Home
003B - Pain Management vs. Medication Seekers: Understanding the Difference
004B - New Diabetes Standards
024B - Understand How your Reimbursement Rates are Calculated
139B - Generation Z in Workforce 2020: From College to Corporate Life
138B - Who Does That?!? Behaviors of Different Personalities & Yourself
121B - Exploring Best Practices for Technology Implementation
061B - Census Turnaround: Tested Strategies to Successfully Build Skilled Nursing, Rehab, and Assisted Living
102B - Crisis Response: What to do When Media, Law Enforcement, and Regulatory Agencies are at the Door
101B - Supportive Living Program Update
072B - Using the Environment to Support Effective Communication in Residents with Dementia
085B - Keeping Unnecessary Costs Down: Minimizing Workplace Injuries and Creating a Positive Employee Culture
036B - Legal Implications from New Technology in the Homecare Setting
156B - How to Create and Sustain an Innovative Culture
001 - Healthcare on the Verge
002A - Fall Management: Establishing a Company-Wide Program
001A - Current Food/Nutrition and Dining Standards Related to Person Centered Care
023A - Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM): Does the New Reimbursement Rule Really Reduce Complexity?
137A - Strategies for Becoming a M.A.G.N.E.T. Employer
142E - Innovative Recruitment and Retention Solutions
119A - The Wave of the Future: Urban Senior Housing Opportunities
047A - The Future is So Bright - The Intersection of Technology and Aging
060A - Make Your Marque: Holistic Branding Strategies for Senior Living Communities
100A - Difficult Conversations: Proactive Strategies For Minimizing Legal Risk During Conflicts with Resident Family ...
071A - Engagement Throughout the Memory Care System: Residents, Direct Care and Supervisory Staff
155A - The Changing Payment Landscape: Embracing New Opportunties
035A - Reimbursement Changes in Medicare Advantage for Adult Day and Home & Community Based Services
000 - Creative Solutions to Caring When Dementia is Part of the Picture
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